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LogonFace is a security application that lets you protect your computer from unwanted third party access. It doesn't matter if someone hacked your password or is able to skip different types of security: this program unlocks your computer only by face recognition, which makes it impossible for other people to access the information on your computer's memory.

Once you've downloaded the software, the first thing you need to do is let the software recognize your face and enter the password to unlock your computer. This way, once your face is recognized, the password will be automatically entered, meaning that scanning your face will have the same effect as typing your password. No more manually typing your password every time you want to log onto your computer.

LogonFace stands out due to its security system, which manages to avoid identity theft by scanning a photo of your face. Additionally, it also includes the possibility to add voice messages to make the identification process easier. As if that weren't enough, the program lets you associate multiple Windows accounts to a single user and lets you know if someone tried to steal your identity.

LogonFace will make your system extra secure, avoiding unwanted third parties from accessing all the information stored in your computer.

By Álvaro Toledo

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